“The reason I chose Catholic education for my child is because I wanted to teach her to have an open relationship with God.”

“I want her to go to a school where she could freely pray, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and pray on a daily basis in class.”

“It makes me happiest to hear my daughter come home and say that her class has been praying for something or someone. It means so much to her and that’s how I know that choosing OLG is the best choice.”

“I send my children to Catholic school (OLG) because I know that they are surrounded by loving, honest, good teachers, faculty, students and parents.”

“They are enriched daily with a Catholic education.”

“OLG helps us raise good, strong, intelligent and thoughtful children.”

“My daughter has always been thoughtful, but one day I attended school Mass with her and at Mass during the intentions they prayed for her aunt. To know that she brings her faith from home and shares at school about a member of the family she has never met shows me that the trust, comfort and love at school are superior.”

“OLG gives us a warm sense of belonging to an extended family.”

“Our child’s weekly school experience always starts and ends with a smile.”

“The spirituality my children have gained shows from within their hearts.”

“My children come home every day and surprise my husband and I with ideas and thoughts that they share with us. They have so much love for the Lord and the OLG community.”

“We decided to have our son attend Catholic school because the rules and values are the same as at home.”

“Catholic education made a positive impact on my life; I wanted it to make the same impact on my child.”

“We practice our faith at home and I want it to continue at school. They are teaching the same morals and values at school that I teach at home.”

“My child attending Our Lady of Guadalupe School has changed the dynamic of our praying life at home and everywhere. He loves to pray and I am grateful for this gift.”

“The wonderful families we have met along the way.”

“For me personally I am grateful that the Catholic community is something that has been a part of me growing up and that now it is something that my children will grow up with as well and hopefully pass on to their children.”

“When my 7 year old said, ‘Mom, let’s hold hands and pray, everything will be OK’.”

“Surrounding my child with families who make a sacrifice to send their child to Catholic school.”