Instructions for International Student Application

Our Lady of Guadalupe School accepts international students who meet the requirements necessary for them to complete and be successful in their respective grade level

The following steps should be followed for international student applications.

  1. International Students from all countries who are interested in attending Our Lady of Guadalupe School should contact Mrs. Martina Looney, Business Manager at (562) 697-9726 or via email at
  2. Complete the School application which can be obtained from the school office.
  3. After the student has applied to the school and been accepted, complete the I-20 application process.
  4. Complete the I-20 Student Information form in the school office with the Business Manager.
  5. Sign I-20 Form and submit required documentation with the processing fee to the School Business Manager.
  6. After I-20 has been processed and F1 Visa is issued, a copy of the visa should be given to the school office.