About Us

Purpose and Vision Statement

The Purpose and Vision of the Strategic Plan of Our Lady of Guadalupe School is –

That our School will grow as a Christ-centered, welcoming and caring community of faith and learning in which there is respect for all, and

That through our –

  • Teaching and promotion of Roman Catholic principles, values, beliefs and practices,
  • Catholic environment where faculty and staff provide positive role models in word and action,
  • Care and time focusing on the development and education of each student,
  • Inclusive and safe environment, and
  • Strong partnerships among teachers, parents, families and parishioners –

Our students will:

  • Grow in their relationship with God and one another and in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ,
  • Live in the way of Christ,
  • Develop as future leaders, critical and creative thinkers, and life-long learners who demonstrate self-discipline and accountability,
  • Appreciate diverse cultures and ways of thinking, and
  • Meet future educational demands.


A Dozen Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools

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School History

“Our Lady of Guadalupe School is a Community Environment where together we are Building A Better World”

Our Lady of Guadalupe School first began educating the children of La Habra in September of 1956. Monsignor David Coleman and the young families that had settled in the area saw a need for a Catholic School that would form its students both spiritually and academically. An invitation was extended to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange to staff the new school. The Sisters who began teaching early catechism classes accepted, and educated thousands of students for over fifty years. Since 2005, Administration and Faculty have been in the hands of dedicated and highly qualified laity. The original mission has evolved to meet the needs of Twenty First Century Learners, while maintaining the standards of a Catholic Community and Academic Excellence. Under the supervision of the Diocese of Orange, the school has continued to have a strong bond with the Congregation of St. Joseph through active membership in the CSJ Educational Network. With one eye on the successes of the past and another on the needs of the future, 2016 will mark the 60th Anniversary of Our Lady of Guadalupe School.

Our Lady of Guadalupe School takes great pride in a history of educational excellence, academic rigor, and a strong Roman Catholic Identity. Through the past six decades, we have served the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish and the city of La Habra by providing graduates who matriculate successfully to high school, college, career, and the world beyond. Currently, Our Lady of  Guadalupe School includes classes from Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten (a two-year program) through Grade Eight.

Embracing each child as a unique and talented creation of God, we foster their relationship with their faith, build their sense of self, challenge their natural abilities, and create an environment where all students can explore and succeed.